BURIED IN THE HEADLINES: Here’s how Dr Bijapur helped KIMS Hubballi create history in plasma therapy


HUBBALLI: KIMS Hospital, Hubballi, created history last week when doctors cured a Covid-19 patient by using the convalescent plasma therapy, a first in Karnataka.

But buried in the headlines was the painstaking efforts that doctors took to make it all happen over nine long hours. Hubballi Times brings to you what happened behind the scenes.

Plasma is one of the components of human blood. The plasma of a recovered patient is rich in antibodies that help fight the novel coroanvirus.

Convincing the donor (Patient 363) was no mean task. A security guard at the Muslim graveyard located at Toravi Hakkal, he was not at all willing to donate plasma. He feared, incorrectly, that donating plasma will harm his life.

Time was running out as the prospective recipient (Patient 2710) was critically ill.

This is where Dr KI Bijapur came into the picture.

Dr Bijapur, who runs his own hospital at Arvind Nagar, stepped in and decided to have a word with the donor. It helped that he once lived in the very locality where Patient 363 now resides.

Dr Bijapur visited his house as well as the graveyard, and managed to get him on board.

The donated plasma was transfused into Patient 2710 the very next day. Dramatic results were seen and the patient is on the road to recovery.

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