Coaching Classes Held In Hubballi, Violating Lockdown Rules

HUBBALLI: Coaching classes are being held in the city in violation of the lockdown guidelines and the rules set for gathering in the Corona period.

The Panchamukhi Coaching Class has been holding the sessions for students at Shirur Park in Vidyanagar. The local residents have also captured the trainers holding classes for students in the classrooms in their mobile phones.

The BCom, BBA and SSLC training classes are being conducted. The people are not wearing masks or maintaining social distance. The classes are being conducted in batches for hundreds of students who are undergoing training.

A lecturer is engaging coaching class during COVID-19 lockdown

The local residents have expressed the ire at the irresponsible behaviour of the Panchamukhi Coaching Class.

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  1. Respected sir,Panchamukhi tutorials beongs to me Prof.Dr.Yashoda.Nayak.We have stopped taking classes long back as soon as lockdown was declared.I have been taking classes online and have all the documentation regarding this.The video is shooted ,when my husband a CMA,had been to coaching class to help the students to collect the books from the class room which they had left prior to lockdown.As you know the students are confused regarding their syllabus as many dont have access to online classes.They just asked doubts regarding Income tax and the explanation given is half an hr only.No batches are conducted as of now.I really dont know the reason behind the video shot and loaded media..I have all the proof with me for having not conducted the classes.The person in this video is not a tutor.Its surprising for me when I got hundreds of students and when I am conducting so many batches .It would be better if I would get that list of hundred students who have taken admission in my coaching class.Please dont post such videos which can defame a person who has nothing to do with coaching business.

  2. This video is flowing in social media.Actually I Dr.Yashoda Nayak is running classes at Panchamukhi.We have stopped all the classes as soon as lockdown was declared.We are conducting online classes for the remaining portion.The students who are shown here are BBA students,who had come to collect their books which they had left.When the lockdown was released a bit,I called them to collect their books on 15th june 2020.My husband who is a CMA went to unlock the classrooms.The students were forcing us to take classes but we strictly denied.As IT subject is a practical subject,my husband was requested by the students to solve a small doubt on Income on salaries.The doubt was cleared for only half an hr during which this video was recorded.I have all the proof for not having conducted classes.Further we dont have any CBSE or hundreds of students.I would be happy if I would get the list of hundred students who have taken admission.
    The person who is seen here has nothing to do with the classes as he is not a trainer.Please its a request to all news channels not to magnify such events without investigating the truth.Actually its defamating a person .Please news channels,if you get any news,get the justification from other party and then release it.I have all the proofs with me to prove we are not indulged in taking classes during lockdown.Truly speaking I dont know the reason behind this video shot.I really feel sorry for this person who is always ready to help the students with his abundant knowledge many a times free of cost. If such things happen for good people,who is going forward to help any students.Further fees collected from these students were also refunded,so that they should not have any problem during lockdown.We are having the proof of refund also.I dont want to complain any news channels because it is question of their bread and butter.Its only humble request to be realistic and avoid fake news

  3. Sir,Yours is a standard news channel.We believe in you.My no is 8884553593.I am the owner of Panchamukhi. I can prove this video is fake.I have all details,we have not conducted any classes during lockdown.we dont have any sslc students.I can prove and give you the details.And the person in the video is not a trainer.We have refunded the money…again I can give you proof.But please sir,it takes a lot time to build reputation and a moment to destroy.I want justice.

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