HUBBALLI: As per the announcement of the Deputy Commissioner Deepa Cholan that all essential goods, including groceries and vegetables, will be made available for the people during lockdown; the district administration has come forward with a unique plan.

As maintaining social distance was not easy at vegetable markets, the markets will be shifted to Nehru ground from tomorrow morning. To ensure social distancing here, the Hubballi-Dharwad Mahanagar Palike officials have put markers every three feet for the customers to stand in the queue.

According to release from the office Deputy Commissioner, this market will remain operational till April 14.

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  1. Plz tell the timeing of the vegetable market in nehru groud is it open hole day from morning to night or any special time for purchase the vegetable in nehru market

  2. Actually in my view this won’t solve purpose of social distance ,if lines are drawn fr buyers or customers ,second once fr all people are allowed inside which is problem,So my suggestion every body shld enter in bulk of 25nos till stock is emptied.once these 25people or more shld not come fr another week .

  3. Market operation and sales timings is not adviced to the residents. It would have been still better had we given time-slot wardwise with Election Voter Card ID, to contain over crowd and to make better crowd management.

  4. Dear, hubballitimes
    Could you please advise shopping “ TIME” allotted for this brilliant initiative, cause Police is seen busy pampering bikers as well as shoppers on FB, thanks.

  5. I don’t agree, fail to understand as to why the crowd of hubli be centralised, when marking could’ve been done ( most shops have already initiated)at scattered localities ?

  6. Distancing in the market maybe maintained ,but social distancing outside the market may not be maintained. To fight such a dreaded disease vegetables can be skipped .We can survive on any food item available at home. The important thing is that it should be clean and fight your hunger. A few days without vegetables is not a big deal. In such infectious conditions buying and storing vegetables is also risky as vegetables are not stored hygienic ally before selling. Therefore such markets should not be set up during social distancing……..they become places of social gathering.

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